Best Whatsapp Status - I'm making changes in my life...

It's very important to lead a happy, healthy life. In order to do this, sometimes it's necessary to "say goodbye" to things or people who are not helping us achieve this goal. Some of the people in your life who aren't helping you to the road to happiness might be considered "toxic" people. You might need to take a serious inventory of your friends and acquaintances (both on social media and in real life!) and decide who these toxic people are and who you should keep around and who you might need to let go. Others influence how we think and act, so hanging out with strong, happy people who make us feel good about ourselves and lead us to do better things is the ultimate goal.

In real life, if you hang out with certain toxic people often, you might need to call them up or have a person-to-person chat discussing your feelings about your relationship. Tell them how you feel (i.e., what they've done to upset you) and explain you might need some time away from them for awhile. You can make this time away temporary or permanent!

For your social media friends, you might put up a status on Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter, with the whatsapp status phrase, "I'm making changes in my life, so if you don't hear from me, you're one of them!" Then, you can remove that acquaintance as a friend on Facebook or follower on Twitter. If these toxic social media friends try to find you to catch up, they'll see your status, they'll see you're no longer "friends" online, and they'll probably get the picture that your relationship needs a rest!

It isn't always easy to break off, or take a break from the friendship! But doing so passive aggressively, like using the best whatsapp status about making changes, is a simply way to send a clear message.

Good luck!

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